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Name: L***** W*******
Date: 2024-02-01 14:13:38
Rating: 5
Comment: Thank you SO, so much!!!!!!!

Name: m***** r****
Date: 2024-01-25 21:08:12
Rating: 5
Comment: Such a sweet person

Name: G****** v******
Date: 2024-01-25 21:05:38
Rating: 5
Comment: 01/25/24-Very kind and understanding gentleman helped my sister when she was in need . Will definitely be giving them my business whenever I need it!
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Name: B**** R****
Date: 2024-01-25 19:22:10
Rating: 5
Comment: Amazing service, amazing employees. Good hard working company. Definitely would call again. Unlocked my car in 5 minutes!!

Name: B*** W*****
Date: 2024-01-06 13:25:33
Rating: 5
Comment: Drove 7 hours to condo only to find out that upon arrival battery on door lock was completely dead. Called Destin Locksmith and a rep drove 45 minutes to replace battery. We were in our condo within an hour and rep drove 45 minutes to get here and on a rainy Friday evening. Awesome service deserving 5 star status. 😎

Name: J**** G********
Date: 2024-01-04 14:30:55
Rating: 5
Comment: Highly recommend Chris and his team!!! Extremely responsive and professional. They installed a Kaba lock for our rental home and we couldn’t be more pleased with their work and customer service!

Name: s**** k*****
Date: 2024-01-02 00:25:51
Rating: 5
Comment: Fast response even on a holiday! Dependable and reliable. Thanks so much for great service!

Name: B** E*** - G****
Date: 2023-12-21 01:20:52
Rating: 5
Comment: Fast, professional and super friendly service. Frank is a rock star! I would definitely recommend Destin Locksmithing to friends and family!

Name: D***** W******
Date: 2023-09-03 15:50:05
Rating: 5
Comment: We can’t thank this company enough. My 80 year old mom lost her keys. We text and asked them to go to a timeshare garage to assist. Within moments they were ready to roll out. No hesitation even knowing they had to go to the front desk to get a key. After getting everything set to go, my mom called and found her keys. No anger from the dispatcher. They just canceled to the call. Thank you for caring and being ready to go and for being so understanding when she found her keys. If we ever need this service again you will be the first place I will contact!

Name: Y**** M****
Date: 2023-08-26 16:37:41
Rating: 5
Comment: Home lockout: verified I lived there, and they got me in, and made a couple replacement keys. All for a good price in 30 mins, from my 1st call.

Name: L***** L*****
Date: 2023-08-23 20:20:31
Rating: 5
Comment: Very professional, and friendly. Quickly unlocked my car!

Name: W**** G******
Date: 2023-06-01 01:34:10
Rating: 5
Comment: After 5 hours of waiting for Triple A (who unbeknownst to me canceled my first service call) my husband called Destin Locksmith. They came to Niceville from Miramar Beach at 11pm. The gentleman who came out (Frank?) was very courteous, quick and efficient. As I was driving away (keys locked inside trunk) he called my husband and told him I was unlocked and on my way!

Name: J***** P***
Date: 2022-12-30 18:43:41
Rating: 5
Comment: Chris Johnson was 10/10 for customer service! I had locked myself out of my bedroom (rookie mistake, I know) and couldnt for the life of me troubleshoot a way back in. Tried credit cards, using a glasses screwdriver in the little locking hole, taking off the door knob, etc. to no avail. Chris was extremely responsive, quick, and even gave me calls to update me on ETA. Stellar service. Id also like to add that I called multiple local locksmith services, and Destin Locksmithing was the only company to answer my call.

Name: R***** V*********
Date: 2022-12-29 19:11:37
Rating: 5
Comment: Helped me two days in a row when I locked myself out of my car. They were wonderful to work with! Fast and efficient!

Name: L***** B****
Date: 2022-09-13 00:31:10
Rating: 5
Comment: The owner drove 45 minutes to unlock my car way after business hours! He was friendly, had a smile on his face and was kind!

Name: M***** M******
Date: 2022-07-25 14:04:55
Rating: 5
Comment: Our company is based in north Georgia and had a motorcoach in Destin transporting a group this past weekend when the driver lost the door key for the bus. Our dispatching team called Destin Locksmithing and within 20 minutes of the first phone call their technician Frank had arrived, gotten the bus unlocked, and was calling for payment. Top notch and speedy service!

Name: P*** H*****
Date: 2022-07-03 22:51:11
Rating: 5
Comment: First time vacation to Destin. Arrived after 13 hour drive and couldn’t open the truck bed hard cover. Apparently something was wrong with the lock mechanism. Sent email to Destin Locksmithing at 8:00PM Saturday night. Within the hour Frank arrived, studied the situation, and was able to get the cover open with no destruction.My fear was a big expense and major damages. Neither happened. We are forever grateful to Frank and Destin Locksmithing for saving our annual family vacation. They were courteous, professional, friendly and punctual!Hi HIGHLY recommend Destin Locksmithing.

Name: M***** S*****
Date: 2022-06-01 18:48:31
Rating: 5
Comment: I was very happy with my experience with Destin Locksmithing! He was so professional and had three locks and deadbolts changed out in about an hour. 10/10 would recommend them!

Name: B*** T*******
Date: 2021-11-10 15:41:14
Rating: 5
Comment: Destin locksmithing was so fast and responsive. They are definitely a must to call if you find yourself in need of a locksmith.

Name: J*** L*****
Date: 2021-11-03 15:05:35
Rating: 5
Comment: Professional, courteous, responsive came out for a call & I had already diagnosed and corrected issue, was kind in that he didn’t charge me a service fee for coming out

Name: B**** R********
Date: 2021-10-26 00:15:57
Rating: 5
Comment: Had a car lockout in Santa Rosa beach and tech was there in 15 mins. Thank you Destin Locksmithing for saving the day! Definitely recommending to my friends and family!

Name: D**** B******
Date: 2021-10-21 19:04:59
Rating: 5
Comment: Had a car lockout in Santa Rosa beach and tech was there in 15 mins. Thank you Destin Locksmithing for saving the day!!

Name: A** A
Date: 2021-10-16 03:44:44
Rating: 5
Comment: Wonderful customer service. So quick and helpful!! Thank you so much!

Name: J******* C*******
Date: 2021-10-04 02:31:11
Rating: 5
Comment: Very fast response no matter the time of day!

Name: J*** C******
Date: 2021-09-29 16:50:40
Rating: 5
Comment: Could not get schedule to accept emergency access but got very responsive results!

Name: A***** D*****
Date: 2021-08-23 03:14:39
Rating: 4
Comment: Locked my keys in my car while delivering food in an unfamiliar area. They were able to have a tech out to me within 20 minutes. Super professional and efficient. My only complaint is that the price was pretty high compared to other locksmiths in the area I have called in the past, but they did offer a 10% military discount.

Name: M*** J***** S*****
Date: 2021-08-17 23:59:28
Rating: 5
Comment: We needed a bolt lock repaired unexpectedly this evening and our locksmith arrived within 30 minutes, diagnosed that the lock was corroded, replaced the lock after offering a “fix”. We are not only impressed with the tech’s expertise but the prompt service, fair pricing and friendliness but would highly recommend this company! Thank you!

Name: J**** B*******
Date: 2021-07-31 21:44:23
Rating: 5
Comment: He was there within ten minutes! He was very nice and very quick. He had to work extra hard for my keys that were locked in the trunk and never once acted phased by it.

Name: K****** W******
Date: 2021-06-02 15:26:32
Rating: 5
Comment: Prompt, courteous and professional

Name: C******** T*****
Date: 2021-05-29 03:28:00
Rating: 5
Comment: Great pricings, speedy service and excellent customer service. I will definitely be contacting Destin Locksmithing if I ever need anything else.

Name: J******* S****
Date: 2021-05-28 19:56:07
Rating: 5
Comment: The technician did a great job. Would definitely use them again if needed.

Name: B**** W****
Date: 2021-05-17 23:48:14
Rating: 5
Comment: Called after locking my keys in my car on base. Couldn’t get two other companies to come out but they came out right away and had the car unlocked in less then 3 minutes. Great customer service, hopefully won’t happen again but my go to service if needed again!

Name: E*** R******
Date: 2021-05-05 18:33:33
Rating: 5
Comment: Five stars 10 out of 10. Destin locksmithing are awesome very professional and quick. Hopefully I wont ever lock myself out of my car, but if I do and Im in the service area for this company I would definitely use them again!

Name: I**** G*******
Date: 2021-05-04 19:01:36
Rating: 5
Comment: Destin Locksmithing was the most reliable, professional, and easy to work with. We called them in a serious bind and without hesitation they came out and helped. They overcame any issues we had and worked very efficiently. I would recommend them to anyone in our area looking for Locksmithing needs.Thank you!!

Name: T*** S*******
Date: 2021-05-01 19:42:18
Rating: 5
Comment: Chris was wonderful!!! He saved us when our renters had broken the door handle and no one could get in. Thank you so much!!!!

Name: K**** S*****
Date: 2021-04-24 21:15:10
Rating: 5
Comment: We called the the cops to come out to try to get the car unlocked because we locked the keys in the car they couldnt get it we called so many places no one would come out because of the distance frank came with no questions asked came to our rescue to help us he is a true life saver I completely recommend him to anyone who has the same issue hes amazing at what he does he got it with in 30 minute if not sooner

Name: J**** M***
Date: 2021-03-06 22:25:34
Rating: 5
Comment: Destin Locksmithing installed a keypad and deadbolts on our house several years ago. Unfortunately all of this needed to be redone due to a burglary. Service was immediate and completed in record time. This is not my first experience with this company and based on both experiences,I can recommend them highly. Chris was especially patient in working with me as we are not local to the area and all of our communication involved either text or phone contact. You will not be disappointed.

Name: E**** H****
Date: 2021-02-25 15:34:39
Rating: 5
Comment: These people are fantastic, they came out as soon as I called and performed the service request it. I would absolutely recommend this lock service.Eddie

Name: K**** L***
Date: 2021-02-13 23:07:36
Rating: 5
Comment: Destin Locksmithing came to the rescue after midnight for a condo lock-out! Fast service and only company that even answered phone among the 24/7 numbers listed. Very impressed.

Name: S******** S****
Date: 2021-02-03 21:25:28
Rating: 5
Comment: Great customer service person. Chris did a tremendous job satisfying my needs in getting into my house. I really appreciate him and the company. Recommend that people go to this company if u are ever in need.

Name: a** p*****
Date: 2021-01-18 15:16:00
Rating: 5
Comment: Chris was amazing! He went above and beyond to insure that my issue was resolved and was professional and helpful with all my questions. We will definitely reach out to him again in the future, should the need arise.

Name: N**** L********
Date: 2021-01-13 16:23:31
Rating: 5
Comment: Chris went above and beyond! He kept us informed of his ETA and was extremely efficient and pleasant when he arrived to install our keyless entry lock. Destin Locksmith has been our go-to for years and they are fortunate to have Chris! We highly recommend asking for him!

Name: C**** H**********
Date: 2021-01-13 03:38:09
Rating: 5
Comment: I cannot begin to describe how thankful I am for Destin Locksmithing. I was rushing to get to work in time and stopped by Tumthumb in Crestfiew and locked my keys in my truck. Destin Locksmithing was there in no time! Very professional!!! Every other locksmith I called told me the wait would be an hour to an hour and a half. Destin locksmithing was there in 18min! Thank you❤️

Name: S***** S*****
Date: 2021-01-13 01:08:34
Rating: 5
Comment: When In doubt call destin locksmithing. I was getting groceries at pick in save in baker fl and left my cars running and locked my keys in my car. Destin locksmithing came within 25 min and unlocked it. Very great pricing

Name: A****** W******
Date: 2021-01-13 01:08:08
Rating: 5
Comment: At the Destin mall outlet today I realized I locked my keys and purse in my car, Destin locksmithing was there right away!! Very professional, great pricing, and very quick!

Name: L*** K*****
Date: 2020-12-16 17:13:17
Rating: 5
Comment: Excellent service.Very professional. Chris really knew what he was doing and got me back on the road right away. I definitely recommend Destin Locksmiths. Great attitude along with a really good job. Thanks Chris!

Name: L*** G*****
Date: 2020-11-02 01:23:17
Rating: 5
Comment: A great experience for a great price so i appreciate great customer service as well. Just a great business all around

Name: J*******
Date: 2020-10-31 12:35:12
Rating: 5
Comment: I locked my key in the car. This debaccle would have been a night ruiner if it werent for Destin Locksmithing!Not only were they more affordable than the others I called, they were ACTUALLY local. I was treated with kindness and respect and my stress level never got above a 2 because Chris arrived less than 30 minutes after I called and had my car open in 20 seconds.... on a Friday night!I will be getting my spare key made with them and telling everybody I talk to to use Destin Locksmithing.So, if you start talking to a lady in Publix about the quality of the oranges, and somehow the conversation ends up being about the best locksmith on the Emerald Coast, thatll be me! 😁Thank you so much Destin Locksmithing, you are the best!!!!!

Name: A***** S****
Date: 2020-09-26 16:27:10
Rating: 5
Comment: Drove to town from Atlanta to pick up my truck and bring it home....and forgot the keys all the way in Georgia!! They came and saved the day for me!! Thx again...and they didn’t even make me feel as completely DUH 🙄 as I felt!!

Name: E**** S*****
Date: 2020-08-30 20:13:44
Rating: 5
Comment: Chris was professional and flexible in meeting my needs to get my van unlocked. I really appreciated his quick response and notifying me when he was close to arrival. Fair pricing as well! I highly recommend!

Name: S***** B****
Date: 2020-08-01 02:15:38
Rating: 5
Comment: Issue after hours ~Response was almost immediate! Anytime I’ve used this Co-which has been several-great responsiveness, & great employees to work with~ Chris/manager was great & Dave-locksmith is great too- Highly recommend!!

Name: M***** F****
Date: 2020-07-14 17:26:05
Rating: 5
Comment: Called Destin Locksmithing at 2 in the morning about lost keys and they immediately had a smith on the way. Very fast, reliable, fair priced service. Great customer service, guy was polite, understanding, and patient even though it was the middle of the night.

Name: C***** W******
Date: 2020-07-14 08:09:18
Rating: 5
Comment: When we lost our keys they were very helpful and right on time. Best 24 hour locksmith in destin.

Name: H****** A****
Date: 2020-07-10 16:47:44
Rating: 5
Comment: I called Destin Locksmithing to price shop for a code lock for a door at the Condominium I manage. They were able to beat the price of their local competitor by a pretty fair amount. The lock had a problem after it was installed, and Destin Locsmithing came back out to fix it, and it was a much larger problem then anticipated. But they stuck with it, even after the COVID closures, and finally got it figured out. What should have been a simple lock replacement wound up taking several months, but they did not give up on the problem and solved it. I am so impressed with Destin Locksmithing! Thank you!

Name: A*** d***
Date: 2020-06-23 23:40:56
Rating: 5
Comment: These guys really are experts at what they do! I accidentally lost my keys when I returned from work, I had no way to enter my house, I called the company to help me and their response was very quick, one of their technicians came to my house, he was very professional with his work and very polite. I definitely know that for any situation I have I can trust them. Thank you guys !!!!!!🙌

Name: O*** D***
Date: 2020-06-23 23:30:12
Rating: 5
Comment: I always hire this company for fix my locks. Great people and the service is fast and puntual.

Name: F**** A****
Date: 2020-06-11 22:43:34
Rating: 5
Comment: They make locked things be unlocked

Name: K**** t*******
Date: 2020-06-05 16:20:48
Rating: 5
Comment: Very friendly, professional and efficient!

Name: B** L*******
Date: 2020-05-25 17:14:34
Rating: 5
Comment: Fastest response from any locksmiths Ive called before and extremely generous service.

Name: G*** H
Date: 2020-05-14 16:33:05
Rating: 5
Comment: Accommodating, polite and very reasonably priced. It had been awhile since we had a number of things done but Chris remembered all the details. I would highly recommend Destin Locksmithing.

Name: K**** S********
Date: 2020-05-13 00:42:02
Rating: 5
Comment: Super helpful and quick! He was ready to help us as soon as I called!

Name: S****
Date: 2020-05-12 19:34:22
Rating: 5
Comment: Super helpful and professional company! They were so quick to respond and willing to work with us!

Name: R**** D*****
Date: 2020-05-12 18:27:57
Rating: 5
Comment: Fast response, very professional, would absolutely call them again (hopefully my husband won’t lock keys in car again though!). Thank you so much! You made a bad situation better! 😊

Name: A***** R***
Date: 2020-04-11 18:20:47
Rating: 5
Comment: I left a message on a Saturday of Easter wkd. They called me back within 5 min. This company said they would be there in 15-20 minutes and arrived in 10 minutes!!!! They were super knowledgeable about make and model of car and how to proceed (keys locked in trunk and security feature went off so after car door was popped we still could not pop trunk from inside because it had been disabled). They knew about security features and how to help us! Super professional and friendly!!!! Extremely punctual and helpful!!! Highly recommend!!!

Name: D** F*****
Date: 2020-02-19 04:18:09
Rating: 5
Comment: Contacted them for help with a couple of projects at a condo in Majestic Beach Towers. They sent Dave out who was very courteous and quick to get them done. Pricing seemed fair and I would use the company and Dave again without hesitation. Highly recommended.

Name: L**** H*****
Date: 2019-12-08 23:49:17
Rating: 5
Comment: Very good service. Fast response time!

Name: A****** S****
Date: 2019-12-05 15:21:12
Rating: 5
Comment: He came out right away when I has an emergency and fixed the issue in seconds! I cant recommend this company enough. Thank you so much!

Name: K******* B*********
Date: 2019-11-16 01:04:39
Rating: 5
Comment: Destin Locksmithing has helped us a number of times. Very professional and responsive.

Name: D***** K*****
Date: 2019-11-05 14:09:13
Rating: 5
Comment: Professional and knowledgeable! Helped me out when I needed and would definitely recommend to anyone in the area he can service!

Name: L*** D********
Date: 2019-11-03 14:13:10
Rating: 5
Comment: Wonderful and very friendly service overall! If I should ever have problems again getting into my house I will definitely call them again.

Name: I** N*******
Date: 2019-10-25 16:23:47
Rating: 5
Comment: Wonderful service and a very pleasant service, overall!

Name: B******** L******
Date: 2019-10-12 23:08:18
Rating: 5
Comment: My mom (who lives in Alabama) was at Sacred Heart to care for my very sick uncle. In a transfer from her car to a different brother‘s car, she lost her (Only) car key. She was stranded at the hospital so we called several companies to assist. All of the quotes were astronomical and required towing, adding to the cost. Christopher With Destin Locksmithing came out to the hospital and made her a key on the spot. Thank you, Christopher for your kind hearted care of my mother. You were professional and timely and offered the most reasonable price around. We are so grateful for your excellent service!

Name: C******** H*****
Date: 2019-09-04 18:57:04
Rating: 5
Comment: You guys are the best , you go out of your way to help thank you so much for being so awesome

Name: A****** R******
Date: 2019-09-04 00:35:15
Rating: 5
Comment: Excellent and reliable customer service. Was here fleeing a hurricane and they provided an easy and quick fix. Highly recommend.

Name: P** M****
Date: 2019-08-31 06:10:35
Rating: 5
Comment: Chris came out to help us get into my daughter’s car very timely after our initial call about the keys being locked in. There was then a problem with the key fob not working, so he came back to us a second time in the same day to assist in reprogramming the key fob. Chris was courteous, professional & gave us very helpful information. We felt very taken care of by Destin Locksmithing. They definitely go the extra mile!

Name: Y***** W********
Date: 2019-08-23 15:12:31
Rating: 5
Comment: This is an amazing company. Pleasant, professional, responsive, their follow through... again, amazing.I needed assistance after locking myself out of my home. Contacted the company, they obtained all my information, contacted a tech who responded w/a text advising me of approx arrival time at my home. I was also contacted by phone to reconfirm.The tech arrived as communicated, Very professional, I was in my home within 15 minutes.Tech asked if I would like another key made, I declined. Let’s just say I had similar incident not long after, needed their assistance again. They remembered me, had my information, contacted same tech ... it was seamless!They were kind enough to offer suggestions that might be helpful in my situation. They are now helping me with a keyless lock! Seriously, how nice to find a company so responsive and (after reading other reviews & my experience) reputable!Y. Wilkerson

Name: K**** S******
Date: 2019-07-07 06:52:38
Rating: 5
Comment: The best service around

Name: C****** G*****
Date: 2019-06-24 13:57:37
Rating: 5
Comment: I called Destin Locksmith yesterday 6/23/19, afternoon, the heat index was 101• in Sandestin Fl, Just moved to area and my new senior neighbors were locked out of their condo. She had called several locksmiths and the wait time was 2-3 hours. I immediately called Destin Locksmith and within minutes they responded in10 minutes understanding that we had a situation that needed immediate response. Thank you team of Destin locksmith, the tech was professional, kind, and performed outstanding jo!🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏👏Thank you so much!! FIVE STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Name: K**** C*****
Date: 2019-06-16 02:07:41
Rating: 5
Comment: Michael from Destin Locksmithing came to get my keys out of my car after midnight when I was visiting Destin. I wasn’t in the best of moods, but he was! He was very kind and positive even though my car was parked very close to a wall in the parking deck and it was difficult for him to get to the door. I highly recommend this business. They responded quickly and professionally even though it was very late. Great service! Thank you!

Name: A**** D********
Date: 2019-06-13 12:28:42
Rating: 5
Comment: Experienced and professional, thanks Chris will call again if I need your service.

Name: n****** c******
Date: 2019-05-29 01:15:59
Rating: 5
Comment: These guys were willing to go the extra mile even ordering an extra piece of equipment to get my Chrysler crossfire back on the road after my key fob broke . The car had been in lock down mode and I had called several other locksmiths in the area even the dealership. I can’t say enough about the customer service and willingness to get the job done these guys have. Thank u soo much!!!!

Name: V****** f************
Date: 2019-05-27 02:23:15
Rating: 5
Comment: Superior service! My husband & I went kayaking on vacation this past week & I got the chip key wet which meant the truck would not start. Chris & his associate drove 2 hrs to where we were stranded to make a new key for us & get us on our way. I can not thank them enough for helping us & at a reasonable rate at that.

Name: R***** S********
Date: 2019-04-17 23:45:33
Rating: 5
Comment: When my mom was locked out this company came to her rescue thank you soo much the best in destin

Name: V****** C********
Date: 2019-04-17 23:38:16
Rating: 5
Comment: When you need a locksmith there is no nicer person than Chris. Call him and I promise you will not be disappointed. Dr. Valerie Chambliss

Name: M*** W***
Date: 2019-03-06 02:18:09
Rating: 5
Comment: If you need a locksmith in this area this is the one to call. Chris is an expert and very friendly

Name: R****** R******
Date: 2019-03-06 02:15:50
Rating: 5
Comment: Chris was extremely professional and is a pleasure to work with. He is great at what he does. Highly recommend!!!

Name: V******* C****
Date: 2019-02-15 19:07:21
Rating: 5
Comment: Destin Locksmithing helped me make the transition from a Kaba Lock to a Resort Lock on my condo on 30A. All the benefits, without the pesky monthly fees. Mr. Chris was not only knowledgeable, He was kind and fair and took the stress out of each step of the process. All I had to do was sit back and relax. We love and will always choose Destin Locksmithing!

Name: J******* G****
Date: 2019-01-19 07:11:49
Rating: 5
Comment: The new owner of Destin Locksmithing was great! We were locked out of our condo and he got here in 30 minutes (as promised) and spent an hour trying to open our door without drilling the lock. He also agreed to come back tomorrow and finish the job. Pleasant, professional and prompt. We will use their services again!

Name: N******* R*****
Date: 2019-01-15 22:18:21
Rating: 5
Comment: Great service, very knowledgeable, and punctual! Highly recommend!

Name: A***** I****
Date: 2019-01-13 16:39:18
Rating: 5
Comment: Very professional and knowledgeable. Ive been using Destin Locksmith for years and rely on them to change the locks and install smart locks for all my real estate clients. Chris, the owner, is always fast and courteous and gets the job done at a reasonable price, often exceeding my clients expectations. Cant imagine using anyone else!

Name: L******* N
Date: 2019-01-13 16:10:31
Rating: 5
Comment: Great service , best customer service, highly recommend!!!!Thank you Chris!!!!

Name: S***** F*******
Date: 2019-01-13 15:05:15
Rating: 5
Comment: Excellent and professional job I really recommend.

Name: P*** R*******
Date: 2019-01-13 14:56:48
Rating: 5
Comment: Great guy, answered my call right away and gave me a quote much lower the the other companies. Very profesional service and very reliable, definately reccomend!

Name: J*** H***
Date: 2019-01-05 14:17:39
Rating: 5
Comment: Professional and knowledgeable locksmiths, highly recommended!

Name: K**** S****
Date: 2019-01-05 03:25:31
Rating: 5
Comment: 100% professional service and great conversation thanks for everything!!!

Name: C******** H*****
Date: 2019-01-03 21:39:52
Rating: 5
Comment: Amazing company very kind people

Name: M** �****
Date: 2019-01-02 03:44:20
Rating: 5
Comment: I locked my keys in car on New Year Eve. Less than 15 minutes I got my keys back. Thanks Chris! Amazing fast work! Really impressed! Definitely recommend to friends!

Name: B** C*****
Date: 2018-12-30 02:14:01
Rating: 5
Comment: Good guy and great work. in, out, easy, affordable

Name: V***** B****
Date: 2018-12-30 01:12:22
Rating: 5
Comment: Weve lost our car and house key somewhere in neighborhood. Wife an me freak out,weve could get robbed.Chris at Locksmith got all changed and fixed before I left my house at 6 Am.Thank you Chris! Youre service worth more then youre charging

Name: L**** W********** (*********
Date: 2018-12-30 00:08:08
Rating: 5
Comment: Very Professional ! Loved The Services & Would Recommend To Anyone 🤗

Name: A****** R*****
Date: 2018-12-29 23:46:49
Rating: 5
Comment: Fast and reliable 🙏🏽 Thank you for your service

Name: N**** V****
Date: 2018-12-29 23:32:21
Rating: 5
Comment: Incredibly professional, quick and efficient service!

Name: J***** M******
Date: 2018-12-29 23:23:26
Rating: 5
Comment: Great service. Very fast response time and extremely fair prices! My go to Locksmith.

Name: D***********
Date: 2018-10-17 18:49:12
Rating: 5
Comment: All of you people who are saying that you called this company for service, only to find out that after they traveled all the way to you, they found a way into your vehicle or house that was open already and they werent supposed to charge you are insane!Maybe if you checked those other ways before you made a call for help, then you wouldnt have to pay. Why should they have to waste man hours, gas, wear and tear on the vehicle (it all adds up) and NOT charge you??? Ive never used them before, but if I called a computer repair guy out to fix my computer and when he got there, it was just unplugged....guess what?!?!? Im the idiot and that guy deserves to make his money even if its a 5 second job. Get over yourselves. If you were smart enough to figure out how to get in, then you wouldnt have called them in the first place. Sometimes stupidity costs money. Pay up!

Name: A**** D*****
Date: 2018-08-01 14:36:55
Rating: 5
Comment: Chris came out and fixed our lock on our condo on very short notice. He was there till almost 11:30 at night because there was a problem with our door and I was there alone with no lock. We truly appreciated that he cared enough to stay and to make sure that our condo was secure, even though it was super late at night. We definitely feel that he went above and beyond with what he did to make sure that we got a good lock at a fair price and we will highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a locksmith or a new lock on their door. We purchased a commercial grade wireless keypad lock for our door.Thanks so much, Chris!

Name: S**** B******
Date: 2018-07-29 15:13:05
Rating: 5
Comment: We are so incredibly grateful to Destin Locksmithing! This past Tuesday, our little dog, Pixie, was injured. In the rush to leave for the emergency vet, we locked ourselves out of the house with the car keys still inside. My wife called them in a panic. They immediately dropped what they were doing and drove across town to our aid. They even stayed on the phone with my wife to keep her calm. Once they arrived, we were inside our house within a minute! Pixie made it to the vet and is now healing and getting back to her old self!Thank you Christian and Christopher! You guys are amazing! You have all our future business!

Name: A** S****
Date: 2018-05-02 19:25:10
Rating: 5
Comment: Excellent customer service, will use again!

Name: R*** C****
Date: 2018-04-09 17:55:40
Rating: 5
Comment: Called Chris because I needed extensive lock work done. He provided same day service and was courteous and professional. I would not hesitate on using Chris again or recommending him to others.

Name: M*** J*** K******
Date: 2018-04-04 15:00:27
Rating: 5
Comment: I call this am, within an hr my problem was resolved. Chris was pleasant, knowledgeable, and professional. He answer all my questions and charged me a fair price. I would highly recommend this company and Chris inparticular. Thank you

Name: N**** M*****
Date: 2018-03-10 18:57:19
Rating: 5
Comment: Chris Johnson was a huge help for me. I couldnt get into my safe and he called me back right away after leaving a message and told me what to do and it is now working. He was great. Thanks!!!

Name: P******** A*********
Date: 2017-09-14 19:47:50
Rating: 5
Comment: Destin Locksmithing is great! They do all of our lock work.

Name: C**** Q****
Date: 2017-03-14 05:13:07
Rating: 5
Comment: Great customer service

Name: T** D*******
Date: 2017-01-16 20:48:57
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome experience!!!Had my MDX Acura SUVs key made in 10 minutes and it was a lot cheaper than the dealer would have charged. Also replaced batteries for our Prius clickers in just a few minutes.Thanks guys!

Name: M*** W******
Date: 2016-09-28 14:51:14
Rating: 5
Comment: They were very prompt and have a lot of services to offer!

Name: A**** M*****
Date: 2016-08-05 14:18:12
Rating: 5
Comment: These guys are great. Ive been using them for several years. Fast and professional.

Name: D**** G*****
Date: 2014-01-20 11:24:05
Rating: 5
Comment: I am so grateful to you guys. You did all the work and I just stood there. Thank you for responding to my call in a very short notice, you guys are the example of your business.